Article written by: Nicole Calton Sublette

Have you ever experienced deja vu, reoccurring dreams, strong intuition, feel older than or age, or have unexplained fears or phobias. These could be signs that you have a reincarnated soul. Whether or not you believe in past lives, past life regression hypnotherapy offers a healing experience.

Past life regression supports integration of the mind, body, and soul.
Hypnotherapy is utilized to access the subconscious mind and accelerate the healing process. It stimulates healing on levels and promote cellular transformation. When in a hypnotic state one is fully relaxed and experiences deep states of peace. The constant chatter of the conscious mind is bypassed and integration occurs.

Past life regression promotes inner peace. During a past life regression session one can work through emotional and physical blocks. Blocks can be created from traumas in both past and present life. When one is able to heal subconscious blocks, inner peace is restored.

Past life regression can improve your relationships. Through past life regression you can gain a deeper understanding of your present relationships.

Often times we encounter similar relationship dynamics in a variety of people. Sometimes people travel with us from life to life. Have you ever met somebody and felt like you have known them forever? This is possibly because you have! Past life regression helps us understand our ways of interacting, why we are drawn to certain relationships, and heals karmic patterns.

Past life regression provides opportunity for self-love and spiritual growth. Use of past life regression hypnosis offers you awareness of the own immortality. You become in-touch with your natural strengths and innate gifts. During the process you gain clarity as to your soul purpose in this life, as well as pass lives. You become aware of your own beautiful soul and learn the truth of whom you truly are.