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A $500 non-refundable application fee due with submission of application and the balance of $2500 payable upon acceptance into the program.
A payment plan is available at an added cost, $500 non-refundable application fee followed by $1500 due upon acceptance to program. Then 3 payments of $450 due on each of the first 3 practice weekends, or, $250 due on each of the first 6 practice weekends.


6pm-9pm on Friday and 9am-6pm on Saturday and Sunday

We will have short breaks throughout the day and one hour for lunch

This training kicks off with a retreat in Laconia, NH on Weirs Beach 9/24 – 27, 2021

October 29 – 31, 2021
November 19 – 21, 2021
December 17 – 19, 2021
January 14 – 16, 2022
February 18 – 20, 2022
March 18 – 20, 2022
April 08 – 10, 2022
April 29 – May 01, 2022

Location: Devi Soul Reiki and Healing
465 Mast Road
Goffstown, NH 03045

Deepen your yoga practice, expand your mind! Whether you are a yoga teacher, a lover of yoga, or undecided, this will deepen your relationship with the ancient yogic practices beyond the postures!

If you are interested in meditation practices that involve visualization, movement and mantra, deepening your knowledge and relationship with the subtle energies and expanding your pranayama practices, this will be just the practice you are looking for!

We will include discussions involving the yoga sutras in order to enhance the peacefulness of your mind and dealing with all that life provides for us, difficulties and pleasures. The practices of the subtle anatomy can allow us to find new ways to release held tensions in the physical body as well as enhancing meditation practices. The art of chanting raises the vibration of energy frequencies and clears the energy pathways. Demystifying tantra, we will use the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra aka The Radiance Sutras providing meditations, unfolding kundalini tantra practices, learning the art of devotional chanting and much more.

We will be reading from;
The Radiance Sutras, Roche
The Kundalini Tantras, Swami Satyananda

Suggested reading/ text to broaden your mind;
Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Swami Satchidananda
Secret Power of Yoga, Nishcala Joy Devi
Buddha’s Brain, Rick Hanson & Richard Mendius

Suggested Mantras to listen to and possibly learn
Om, simply become comfortable embracing your Om chanting
Gayatri Mantra
Asatoma Sadgamaya

*This is not like a 200 hour yoga teacher training, and will not prepare you to be an asana instructor in the direct way such a training may. This is an opportunity to deepen your practice, find your inner tranquility, encompassing Joy, compassion, and love, which may result in your ability to be a more effective leader in anything you do :). That is simply our experience. This is a YA Continuing Education Course.

Dates and tuition:

This training kicks off with a retreat in Laconia, NH on Weirs Beach 9/24 – 27, 2021
Our accommodations are in a Victorian home that we will have exclusive use of and sits directly across from the beach on the main boulevard. It is known as “Castle Rest”. Each participant, or, “practitioner” as we consider yogin’s will have their own bed in a shared room, there are multiple bathrooms, we will share the living spaces, there is a great front porch and patio overlooking Lake Winnipesaukee and plenty of seating and practice space! Our plan is to offer Ayurvedic meals and lifestyle throughout the retreat as part of enhancing your knowledge of yoga, and it is up to you to observe this the entire retreat or take some time on your own (or with new friends) to visit a local eatery at your leisure. Your rooms and on-site meals will be included in the tuition! Coffee, tea, and water will be available throughout, as will fruits and veggies and other healthy snacks. You can also pack nonperishable snacks for your comfort. We will provide non-dairy milks after we access who is attending and what the group needs are. We will take all allergies into top priority consideration when creating our menu.
This retreat will be a fun filled weekend of getting to know the new sangha you will be immersed in an 8 month practice with, chanting, maybe even dancing! Yoga, Joy, laughter, and yummy foods! You will walk away with new knowledge without feeling like you sat in a seminar!

Following the retreat, we will meet for 8 weekends over 8 months, each weekend we meet will begin with a Friday evening spiritual practice including hatha yoga, kirtan, and meditation!
•On Saturday and Sunday begin the morning with mantra meditation & asana
•On these full days break for community meal and tea before moving into a workshop
* The workshop will be approximately 2 to 3 hours including a complementary practice to the workshop
* Have a tea break after the workshop with reflection on the experience
Finish the day with Kirtan and Mouna (quiet space/ listening)


10/29 – 31, 2021 – we will acknowledge Samhain (all hallows eve) by honoring our ancestors
11/19 – 21, 2021 – we will acknowledge the origins of the land
12/17 – 19, 2021 – we will acknowledge Yule (the Winter solstice) by welcoming in the light
01/14 – 16, 2022 – we will merge all of our experience, thus far, into a mid-session celebration
02/18 – 20, 2022 – we seek to cultivate a sense of calm after all the holidays….the month of purification
03/18 – 20, 2022 – we will acknowledge Holi, an ancient Indian festival for Spring!
04/08 – 10, 2022 – this will be our final “practice weekend” following the above schedule
0/429 – 05/01, 2022 – we will acknowledge Beltane (welcoming the warmer days of Spring and coming of Summer!) as our graduation weekend by celebrating with the highlights of our practices and a bale fire!!!!

You will be responsible for acquiring your books, and bringing your lunch and snacks each practice weekend. We will have water and tea available.

You will need a yoga mat and asana (meditation seat), we do have blankets and bolsters available, as well as other yoga props.

Please bring a journal and something to write with.