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About Devi Soul Reiki and Healing

Hello friend! I’m Aspen, the owner and lead practitioner of Devi Soul Reiki and Healing, LLC. I am a Master Reiki Healer and Teacher (RMT), a Flower Essence Practitioner, and Yoga Instructor (RYT 500). I received my yoga certification from the Association of Yoga and Meditation in Rishikesh, India. Traveling to India and having the opportunity to train in the heart and soul of yoga’s history and culture with some of the most exceptional yogis in the universe is one of the best and most memorable experiences of my life. Prior to starting Devi Soul Reiki and Healing, I have spent the past two decades of my life dedicated to health, fitness and spirituality. The journey of my personal relationship to myself brought out the undeniable passion I had within me to dedicate my life to light healing and working with and through energy and Spirit. I could not escape my calling, and so here I am, serving my Divine purpose. Through the art and science of yoga, I have discovered the connections between our emotional, physical and spiritual health and the oneness of the world around us. My practice is named Devi Soul after Devi, or Mahadevi, the all-encompassing female deity and Goddess – who is the sum of all other devis. Devi yoga – or goddess yoga – refers to the type of yoga that is practiced by finding the goddess within. I love all styles of yoga and am particularly fond of Yoga Nidra and it’s profound healing benefits. I have practiced yoga for the past 18 years and have been teaching it for eight.
When I was younger, I often felt that I could sense the energy patterns of others and felt that my instinct was to tap into my empathetic side to heal and bring empowerment to others. I was first introduced to Reiki and energy healing by my friend’s mother when I was an adolescent. I was always fascinated by the concept of having the ability to heal through intention and the transfer of energy. When I was a child, I remember having my first experiences of being what I now know is my empathic guidance. I would often speak with people who were not there – and others deemed to be my, “imaginary friends”. (Yup, I was that weird kid who hung out in graveyards, marveled at crystals and read tarot cards.) Whether it was my extreme connection to nature or the energetic frequencies I would feel in old houses, I would feel everything around me in such an intense and profound way. This constant, unrelenting flow of all kinds of energy at times frightened me, caused almost crippling anxiety and depression and just plain ol’ confusion. To say that the process of coming into myself took a long time would be an understatement. It took a lot of soul work to truly understand and trust that the Universe gave me something that could bring about healing rather than something I should be afraid of. It was when I dove deeper into yoga and meditation that I understood my calling and the signs that were undeniably present, calling me to heal others. When I am working with a client, I have a powerful intuition to the source of what is blocking or hindering in their life.

Reiki is comprised of two Japanese words –Rei, which means “God Wisdom or Higher Power” and Ki, which means “life force energy”. Reiki is literally life force energy guided by a higher power. Reiki is the “laying of hands” and treats the individual holistically – the body, emotions, mind and the spirit creating feelings of peace, relaxation, security and total wellness. Although Reiki is a spiritual practice, it is not part of a religion; it promotes peace and harmony as its core principles. In addition to Reiki, I have a certification in MAT® (Muscle Activation Techniques®) Jumpstart Program – a program which focuses on isolated muscle activation tests to assess for weaknesses and compensations that could be causing pain or imbalance. For some clients, a combination of these two therapies could garner the best results.

Another service I offer is Flower Essence Therapy. As with the other services I offer, Flower Essences embody the highest vibratory power and life force of plants. Flower Essence Therapy utilizes flowers based on the physical, emotional and mental state of the individual. Each case is unique and depending on how a client is energetically blocked or hindered is how their body will communicate which essences will slow stress chemicals and release endorphins which are required to restore holistic balance in the body. I get to know my clients and their histories to gain a better understanding of where their struggles, goals, and desires lie in order to create the most beneficial remedy to shift their energy and ultimately their vibrational alignment.

In many cases, a combination of therapies will be the best course of action. The best approach to energy healing is much like how we should treat our bodies; using our intuition, spirit, and the gift of the natural resources that have been used to heal for centuries. Our bodies have an instinctual desire to improve themselves, often times the remedies offered by traditional medicine miss out on the irrefutable bottom line that humans are 99% energy and thus require a multidimensional approach to healing.
It would be an honor to be of service to you, and I look forward to meeting you where you are at and guiding you down the path of healing, together.